Overnight Oats

2019-09-11 Eric 0

There are a ton of recipes out there for overnight oats, this one is mine. It’s my go-to for meal prep and my regular take […]

Making My Bed

2019-08-14 Eric 0

A new addition to my build story. The thought process and build of my bed that will be for sitting, relaxing and of course sleeping […]

New Walls

2019-07-28 Eric 0

Just uploaded the latest installment. I’ve got walls now!

Peggy’s Cove drive

2019-07-19 Eric 0

Seemed like a nice day to take a little drive. Here is a sped-up version of the trip from Bayer’s Lake to Peggy’s Cove.

Installing Solar Panels

2019-05-28 Eric 0

Long anticipated video on the installation of my solar panels!!! Wait, not anticipated, just overdue. Here you won’t see the 6+ hours of boring video […]

2 oatcakes

Seedy Oatcakes

2019-04-09 Eric 0

Nothing better than a convenient grab and go snack or breakfast. Not saying that you can’t have this any time of day or night for […]