Sprinter diesel tank on the ground

Tapping the Fuel Tank

2020-02-10 Eric 0

In this video, I’m tapping into the fuel tank to provide a feed of diesel to my Espar D2 heater which I’ll show the install […]

New Walls

2019-07-28 Eric 0

Just uploaded the latest installment. I’ve got walls now!

Installing Insulation

2018-11-04 Eric 0

With the changed leaves and now some snow, it’s time to insulate the van. Also an important step before moving any further with the build […]

Installing Strapping

2018-10-09 Eric 0

Part 3 of my DIY Sprinter van build shows me installing strapping on the interior. Below are 2 videos that I uploaded to YouTube. One […]

Floor Repairs

2018-09-30 Eric 0

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by and checking out my video. Apologies for for the choppiness and lack of transitions, I can’t begin to count […]