A bowl of vegan sausage tomato sauce covered penne pasta

Vegan Pasta Ragu

2021-03-04 Eric 0

One of my favorite pasta recipes of all time I think. I’ve been making this recipe for years. Before I was vegan I used regular […]

Perogies and Asparagus with vegan alfredo sauce topped with vegan sausage

Vegan Alfredo

2021-02-02 Eric 0

This is a straightforward alfredo recipe that just subs plant milk for the original and uses nutritional yeast for a bit of cheesiness so that […]

bowl of vegan beefaroni

Vegan Beefaroni

2020-12-08 Eric 0

Oh I so remember Beefaroni from my past. Opening my thermos at school with a warm pasta delight inside or having a quick easy microwaveable […]

bag of vegan cheese powder

Mac and Cheeze

2020-12-08 Eric 0

This is a great general use powder to make a quick and tasty Vegan Mac’n’Cheeze. Do up a bunch of this and have it on […]

Plant-Based KFC

2020-11-24 Eric 0

I picked up one of KFC Canada’s new plant-based chicken sandwiches and an individual order of their plant-based popcorn chicken. I hadn’t tried either of […]

Sprinter diesel tank on the ground

Tapping the Fuel Tank

2020-02-10 Eric 0

In this video, I’m tapping into the fuel tank to provide a feed of diesel to my Espar D2 heater which I’ll show the install […]