Taking a Dip in The Ocean, in November!

A new video posted where Joanne and I take a quick coldwater dip in the Atlantic while on a quick visit to Nova Scotia in November of 2021.

I had entered the Bluenose marathon at the last minute and made a quick trip to Nova Scotia to run in that on November 6th. Following that, we spent a bit of time visiting my family and seeing a few parts of the province as Joanne had never been to Nova Scotia before.

On this day, we woke up alongside a beach that I had spent a high school graduation celebration on. It looked like a nice day and we couldn’t resist jumping in the water. Joanne had done some coldwater dips in BC last winter and I thought it would be cool that she did it on the other coast.

Enough of all that talking, check out the video if you haven’t already seen it.